Song - I will declare

Rob Shillito goes through the song “I will declare”. You can find the chords at

Oh Holy King be glorified
You are the master of my life
No other name be lifted high but you

Sweet flowing grace has come to me
A child embraced, in love set free
Your faithfulness awakens praise in me

I will declare that you are good
and your love endures, your loves endures
Faithful and true in everything that you do
and your love endures, your love endures

Almighty God your word sustains the universe, all things remain
held in the power of your love and grace
And yet my King you walk beside a one so weak, so frail as I
You stir my heart and now this song shall rise

Jesus your faithfulness is sure
Your mercy free, you love so pure
So I will sing your love endure always

And now this joy I can’t contain
I must declare, I will proclaim
Your majesty, the wonders of your name

Copyright R.M.Shillito 2009

Hope Community Church